Key finders are clever little contraptions that basically attach to your more precious belongings so you can track them down in an emergency.


Although the name suggests they can be linked to your front door key, they can also be attached to anything you want to keep an eye on like your smartphone, pet or even your car.

Different trackers work in different ways, with some relying on audio clues to draw you towards your items, while others pair with an app to give you specific directions that work across a range of distances.

So whether you're tired of losing the remote control on the sofa, or want some extra security for your mobile device, we've put together some of our top picks of the best key finders on the market to help you keep on top of your personal belongings.

Best key finder to buy in 2022

Apple AirTag

Made for a keychain but small enough to fix subtly onto just about any possession, this AirTag from Apple is compatible with Bluetooth and Siri which means you can use your phone to find it using alerts that will announce when you're getting closer.

It should be very simple to set up as just one tap will connect the tag to your iPhone or tablet, helping you keep your sights on anything it's attached to.

Boasting an impressive battery, the life span on this tag should last at least one year which means you won't have to constantly keep changing them around, or worry it will be inaccessible when it matters most.

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Tile Mate

Tile Mate on white background

Tile Mate has been designed to keep track of all your possessions, and they're available in either a single unit or as a pair if you want to keep on top of more than one at a time.

Once paired with the Bluetooth app, you can use it to hunt lost items down, but if it doesn't fall inside the range of 76 metres, hope isn't lost as it will still let you know of its most recent location as you attempt to reclaim it.

It also has a very impressive battery life of three years, so once they’re put in place you won't have to worry about anything for a while other than tracking your item down if it disappears.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on white background

Stay alert to your precious items within a radius of 120 metres with this clever key finder from Samsung. The Galaxy SmartTag will not only give you a heads up on the whereabouts of your stuff, it will also encrypt the location data for an extra level of security.

Simply pair with the app and you'll have a precise insight into the area of your recently lost phone, wallet or even pet. If you've lost your phone, the SmartTag app can even ring it to give you a better chance of getting it back.

Esky Wireless RF Item Locator

Esky Wireless RF Item Locator Key Finder on white background

Whether your lost belongings are several buildings away or simply lost beside the sofa cushion, the Esky locator will be able to pick up its position within a distance of 131 feet (40 metres).

The set comes with four different keys which connect to the same remote, which means you can keep an eye on multiple things at once to ensure everything is where it should be.

Chipolo One Key Finder

Chipolo one on white background

When paired with the Chipolo app, this tracker won't simply let you know where your things are, they'll also ring your Android or iPhone device once synced up to give you a better chance of getting them back.

To help you keep hold of your items before you even lose them, the Chipolo app will even send you preventative notifications to remind you to take your keys and phone with you, which is a nifty feature.

Available in a set of different colours, these are also especially handy if you have several trackers at home and want to know which corresponds to which item.

Nutale Focus Key Finder

Nutale 4Pcs Focus Key Finder Smart Tracker on white background

Instead of simply hunting for lost items when they've disappeared, these smart finders will send you prompts so you don’t forget things to begin with, and alert you when it can sense you're becoming separated from your keys or phone so they don't get left behind.

This is especially useful if you're on the go a lot, whether that's travelling long distances or daily commuting where you may easily leave something on a public seat before offboarding.

The tracking device has over 10 months worth of power so will see you through a lengthy period without needing to be replaced, and the design itself is pretty stylish so shouldn't feel too cumbersome when it's attached to everyday items.

Simjar Key Finder

Simjar key finder on white background

Perfect for a household with two sets of keys, this tracker will make sure neither are lost for very long.

Each tag is colour-coordinated so you can make sure you're hunting for the right one, and you don't need to pair this with an app to get it to work. Instead, simply press the button on the device and the tracker will begin to beep within a distance of 40 metres so you can find your way to it.

As the buttons are backed by an LED light, you'll be able to use it in low light and at night as well, so you can resurface your belongings whatever the time.

Vodafone Curve

Vodafone curve on white background

This sleek tracker from Vodafone has a SIM card slot inside which means it will give regular updates to your phone of its location. This is ideal if your item has been stolen or left behind on public transport and is essentially on the move.

It comes with a keyring accessory so it can be attached to everything from your backpack strap or pet's collar to your actual set of keys.

There's even the option to add up to nine guests to your Curve profile so multiple people can keep an eye on the same thing, to ensure maximum vigilance and help with tracking it down.

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