If you have a handful of cards you want to keep track of, or are nervous about your personal details and data being swiped while commuting, a smart wallet may be your best bet.


Not only will they help organise your valuables, many now come with RFID blocking which stops the details on the card being scanned by scammers in public spaces, boosting your security and protecting your privacy.

So for added peace of mind when it comes to your cash and cards look no further than our selection of the best smart wallets below.

Best smart wallets to buy in 2023

Dango D03 Dapper Bifold EDC Wallet

This streamline wallet has been designed to slip easily into your pocket, however there is still plenty of room to store up to nine cards, as well as banknotes and some loose change.

Made from aluminium to help keep your valuables protected, it's been wrapped in a stylish leather exterior so it doesn't lose style over function.

The clever part is the RFID and NFC blocking which will protect your cards and their details from scammers and anyone trying to wirelessly connect to your valuables to swipe your details.

Carbon Fiber Wallet

Designed to be an anti-theft wallet, this card holder should keep your plastic safely tucked away, limiting access to everyone but you. It works by compressing your cards between two aluminium tiles, with an extra protective wrapping of black carbon.

This also keeps the design nice and slimline so it should slot easily into a pocket or take up very little space in a backpack.

The clip on the back can also be used to latch it onto your belt if you'd prefer, or as extra storage for cash or cards.

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Smart AirTag Wallet

Made with environmentally certified leather, this compact case will not only store your cash and cards, it will also keep them from having their data taken thanks to the RFID protection built in.

If you're someone who prioritises quick access so you can be in and out of the shop in no time, this wallet also has a pop up function so you can speedily get inside the aluminium case.

There's even a slot on the front so you can attach an AirTag which means you can keep an eye on your valuables wherever you are, and track them down if they’re ever lost or stolen.

Stealth Wallet RFID Card Holder

The aircraft grade aluminium case in this set has RFID blocking to protect your private details from being scanned. It can also hold up to 10 cards at one time with easy access thanks to the quick release button.

Available in a range of colours and designs, you could opt for the leather surround which wraps around the case, or choose the clip if you'd prefer to latch it onto your belt.

Slim RFID Blocking Wallet

Slim enough to fit in your pocket, this sleek wallet doesn't compromise on storage space with room to store up to five cards. This means there's plenty of room for all your essentials from your credit cards to drivers licence.

It also has RFID blocking so you can feel safe and secure when they're stored inside, and as it's made out of aluminium it should be a durable container for day to day use.

The cards are held snugly inside but are still easy to access thanks to the clickable feature that will slide them out without letting them fall all over the floor.

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Hide and Seek RFID Protection Wallet

Available in a range of colours and designs, this classy looking wallet seems far from techy at a glance but has RFID protection built in to keep your data safe. Whether you opt for the caramel, java or ocean tone you'll be able to hold up to 12 cards in one go, with a section for any business cards.

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The premium leather boasts an environmental certification, and even has a hidden coin pouch so you can hold onto some loose change as well.

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This wallet has been designed for those on the go who plan to get a lot of use from their card holder. Made with a mix of leather and carbon fiber that's been bound together with high quality seams, there's little risk of it falling apart as you pull out your cards.

If you have plenty of plastic this is ideal as it can hold onto 10 at once, with slots on the outside as well as the inside so you can prioritise those you need to reach for most often, with a PVC window so you can store an ID card that you may need to flash regularly.

It's also fitted with RFID tech to block anyone who may be attempting to gain access to your details.

Bluetooth Leather Wallet

If you’re especially forgetful and have a bad habit of losing your wallet, or you simply want to ensure you know where it is at all times this card holder may be your best bet.

Simply pair it to your smartphone via Bluetooth and you’ll be able to emit an alarm from your wallet so you track it down. Handy if it’s trapped down the side of the sofa or just for double checking it’s in your bag without having to remove everything in search of it.

Just bear in mind this is only Compatible with both IOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later.

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