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Could these gloves be the future of music? – Imogen Heap

Published: 23rd August, 2018 at 08:47
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Imogen Heap explains how her innovative gloves are changing the way we create and perform electronic music.

Humans have been creating instrumental music for as long as 40,000 years, but it is pioneers like Delia Derbyshire, who created the iconic Doctor Who theme in the middle of the 20th century, that have seen us move away from the traditional instruments of the past to the digital, electronic sounds that we are so familiar with today.


Imogen Heap is one such musician, whose electronic pop has seen her climb the charts around the world and collaborate with countless artists rarely off our airwaves. But not content with just accepting the instruments and tools that we have at our disposal, she wants to change the way write songs, and build a future that is more equitable and inclusive to anybody who wants to create music.

She speaks to Online Editor Alexander McNamara ahead of her talk at FutureFest about how blockchain could revolutionise the music industry, and why her innovative gloves are changing the way we create and perform electronic music.

FutureFest is an event hosted by innovation foundation Nesta - you can listen to Imogen Heap's talk here.

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