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Instant Genius Podcast: The decline of the insects, with Prof Dave Goulson

Published: 30th August, 2021 at 07:00
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Entomologist Prof Dave Goulson joins us on our podcasts Instant Genius and Instant Genius Extra.

Instant Genius is a bite-sized masterclass in podcast form. In this week's episode, we talk to Prof Dave Goulson, an entomologist at the University of Sussex. He’s the author of the new book Silent Earth: Averting the Insect Apocalypse (£20, Jonathan Cape).


Dave tells us everything we need to know about how we can save the bugs and why they’re so important.

And if that's not enough, you can hear even more from Dave on Instant Genius Extra.

On this subscription-only show, available on Apple Podcasts, we take a deeper dive into the topics covered on Instant Genius. In this episode, Dave explains the global changes we need to make to save the insects.

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Alice Lipscombe-SouthwellManaging editor, BBC Science Focus

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