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Hannah Fry: How much of our lives are secretly underpinned by maths? © Paul Wilkinson Photography

Hannah Fry: How much of our lives is secretly underpinned by maths?

Published: 26th December, 2019 at 08:00
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Mathematician, BBC presenter and host of this year’s Royal Society Christmas Lectures explains how mathematics props up everything that we do.

Hopefully by now the last crumbs of mince pie will be wiped clean and Grandad has woken up from his Christmas day nap.


If you’re anything like us, that period between Christmas and New Year means only one thing – lazing in front of the TV and watching the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. This institution has been sharing the wonders of science and entertaining children and adults alike for generations, and this year’s host hopes this year will be no different.

Our editorial assistant Amy Barret sat down with Hannah Fry, only the fourth mathematician to deliver one of the lectures, who’ll be showing the audience how maths secretly underpins much of the world around us in her lecture series called Secrets and Lies, broadcast on BBC Four on 26-28 December at 20:00.

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Amy BarrettEditorial Assistant, BBC Science Focus

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