Anthony Warner: Are we really too fat? © Getty Images

Anthony Warner: Are we really too fat?

Chef and food writer Anthony Warner explains the science behind why we need fat, why fad diets are destined to fail, and what we can do to stay healthy.

In this week’s Science Focus Podcast chef and author of the book The Truth About Fat: Why Obesity is Not that Simple (£9.99, Oneworld), Anthony Warner chews the fat about, well, fat.


Pretty much all of us have been tempted at some point in our lives to shed some weight around our midriff, especially when we see our BMI creeping over 25, but what does this actually mean, and is it really a reliable measure of general health?

He speaks to our editorial assistant Amy Barrett about why the body needs fat, what influences our body shape, and why there is so much stigma about being obese.

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