Marcel Danesi: Why do we want to believe lies? © Getty Images

Marcel Danesi: Why do we want to believe lies?

Linguist Marcel Danesi reveals the shocking truth about liars, why we lie and what we can do to protect ourselves from them.

We all love a good story, and sometimes a lie is more interesting to hear than the truth, but there is more to it than spinning a good yarn.


According to Marcel Danesi, linguist and author of the book The Art of the Lie (£11.95, Prometheus Books), throughout history certain ‘Liar Princes’ have perfected the art of lying to gain fame, fortune and notoriety.

In this week’s podcast, he explains what makes them so effective at this so-called ‘Machiavellian intelligence’, what happens in the brain when we twist the truth, and why we’re all liars in one way or another.

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