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Team talk: Beating pandemic burnout, the seasons of you and a daring giraffe rescue © Save Giraffes Now

Team talk: Beating pandemic burnout, the seasons of you, and a daring giraffe rescue

Published: 25th January, 2021 at 08:00
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The team behind BBC Science Focus Magazine discuss what's inside the January 2021 issue.

In this episode of the Science Focus Podcast, we chat through the January 2021 issue of the magazine, which is on sale now.


Editor Dan Bennett opens the episode by talking about new research that suggests that rather than following a pattern of spring, summer, autumn and winter, our bodies may have their own seasonal fluctuations that don’t match the calendar.

Next up is managing editor Alice Lipscombe-Southwell, who tells us about how we can beat the pandemic burnout.

Finally, commissioning editor Jason Goodyer tells the story of a daring rescue of endangered giraffes from an island where food is slowly running out.

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