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Are video games good for us? - Pete Etchells © Getty Images

Pete Etchells: Are video games good for us?

Published: 11th April, 2019 at 00:00
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Psychologist Pete Etchells explores the benefits and dangers of playing computer games.

In this week's Science Focus Podcast, we dive into the world of video games. Over the past couple of decades, video games have often got a bad rap, blamed for everything from aggression and violence to addiction and mental health problems.


But what does the research actually say? Dr Pete Etchells is a psychologist at Bath Spa University who researches the behavioural effects of video games. In his first book, Lost in a Good Game (£14.99, Icon Books), he gets to the bottom of our relationship with games, and reveals a more positive side to our game-playing habits.

He speaks to BBC Science Focus staff writer James Lloyd.

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