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Elisa Raffaella Ferrè: What happens to the brain in space? © Andrew Cotterill

Elisa Raffaella Ferrè: What happens to the brain in space?

Published: 18th June, 2020 at 20:07
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Psychologist Dr Elisa Raffaella Ferrè explains how a lack of gravity might change the way we think.

Here on Earth, we take the force of gravity for granted. For years, researchers have neglected to study its influence because of this very reason, but with commercial spaceflight on the horizon, researchers are now racing to discover what living off-Earth might do to our bodies and our brains.


In this week’s episode, we hear from psychologist Dr Elisa Raffaella Ferrè.

She explains how her studies are revealing the impact of gravity on our cognition through her experiments in a zero-g environment aboard the so-called ‘Vomit Comet’– the aircraft used to train astronauts for the weightlessness in space.

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