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Instant Genius Podcast: Poisons, with Dr Raychelle Burks

Chemist Dr Raychelle Burks joins us on our podcasts, Instant Genius and Instant Genius Extra.

Instant Genius is a bite-sized masterclass in podcast form. In this week’s episode, we talk to Dr Raychelle Burks. She’s an associate professor of chemistry at American University in Washington, DC, and previously, she worked as a forensic scientist in a crime lab.


She tells us all about poisons, from how to tell what substance was used in an attack, to whether there really are any poisons that are completely undetectable.

And if that’s not enough, you can hear even more from Raychelle on Instant Genius Extra.

On this subscription-only show, available on Apple Podcasts, we take a deeper dive into the topics covered on Instant Genius. In this episode, Raychelle tells us about her time as a forensic scientist in a crime lab, and even more about poisons and their antidotes.

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